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Omame Investments (Omame) is a private company managed and owned by black women who are multi-skilled, with strong entrepreneurial abilities. Omame was founded as a women’s organization in 1994 with the sole aim of forming a well-established body of young progressive individuals who had the common vision of sharing information and enriching one another.  A criterion for membership was a recognized qualification as a professional individual, which could add valuable contribution to the organization.

Omame Investments aims to maintain a world class standard within the investments industry. We hope to achieve this by the continued procurement of sustainable business enterprise with exponential growth potential. To aid us in on our journey, Omame features a shareholder base of 14 individuals who all participated in a number of strategic workshops held to identify a diverse range of skills and opportunity. These Dynamic individuals lead the way to our continuous successes, paving the way with their integrity driven insights and business instincts.

The Company name “Omame” suggests: Women coming together with one purpose, their strength being in the collective whole, the group. Further Mama (Mother) the singular form incorporates the element of caring. The image in our logo suggests an African mat using the ‘O’ shape. An African grass mat is a symbol of Ubuntu, dignity and respect which are in line with Omame investments’ principles. The making of the mat involves a lot of work, gathering of materials, creativity and innovation. The ‘O’ starts as a small circle and grows bigger and bigger: symbolising growth. The colour Red is bold symbolising assertiveness and powerful women who are serious about wealth creation.

facilities management portfolio


The focus is on soft services.  The rationale behind facilities management is that companies are moving towards outsourcing their facilities.  This enables them to focus on their core business, competencies, capabilities and strengths.  Omame therefore identified Facilities Management as a sector that has a tremendous growth potential.  This particular niche is not flooded and competition is still minimal. Based on the nature of the service and its potential to create employment Omame believes in active participation in this portfolio. This creates opportunities for the integration of women into the mainstream economy.  In our operations we second a shareholder to learn the skills and to manage the day to day operations.

investments portfolio


Omame focuses on businesses with proven track record and managerial expertise. This is the diversified, long term investments portfolio.